Though a very little association but the campus, the environment, the faculty & the "brand -UoH", all of them has been deeply engraved into my mind & heart for lifetime.
Thanks to all Faculty & Staff of School of Management for kind support & encouragement during the course.
Learned Academics here with renowned scholars who have international outlook. Still want to have much exposure in Academic as well as administration.
I miss those golden memorable days spent in HCU. My hostel, friends, department, classes,library, mess, trees, peacocks, roads and what not.....
Wish to get it back...
Spent two exhilarating years from 1985 - 87 @ School of Physics which changed my life for good forever.
i like it more due to it is very interesting and updates of life events and more useful.
I have studied at UoH. Its an awesome place having a beautiful campus and lot of growing opportunities. Proud to be a part of UoH.
Uoh is a beautiful place with great sceneries. I love to visit this place even after completion of my degree here.
It always feels wonderful being in the lap of nature. The thing I like here is the feeling of isolation from the busy hectic city life, and you get a peaceful environment here
Its a pollution free and lot of greenery and in the campus unity in diversity is present
Its diverse culture with a mix of 'old and new' is one of a kind.
The University of Hyderabad has immense biodiversity and is home to over 75 varieties of bird, not to speak of the lakes and rock formations which give the campus a natural beauty.
One of the amazing place I have ever been. You would love every bit of University. It's just so Serene.
The university campus has a large area under forest cover, with lakes, deer, peacocks. Especially, going to mushroom rock road is awesome. I learned so many things here. It's a best place for roaming, tricking in nights also. Thank HCU for being part of my life.
It always feels wonderful being in the lap of nature. The thing I like here is the feeling of isolation from the busy hectic city life, and you get a peaceful environment here.
This is the best place of heavy land parking auditorium Avinash father has working here fr many years
I have studied my M.sc physcis in this unive during 1989. the biggest library and the greenest environment, the mush room rock and the serene ladies hostel, my teachers so much nostalgia....
I have studied in this place, published number of books, articles, chapters, guided many people and addressed number of meetings. I got friendship with number of people. On the whole, the university contributed a lot for my intellectual growth and academic potentiality.
city of joy :D
love to be here..
city with great environment and great peoples :D
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Really in love with this place
You get JUST addicted to it

Wait to fall in love
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I like place of Hyderabad, because It is area of IT sector. I want to work in It sector and more thing I am staying in Hyderabad last two years.
I am pursuing MCA in University of Hyderabad, and during this period i feel the weather of the place is good. So i like it.
Beautiful place to live in your student life time and great environment in your studies
cool and peaceful place having beautiful environment.every one has to visit a lovely campus.
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It's simply beautiful place and it's greenery adds aesthetic value and asence to the place
it is very good place in hyderabad it is very good place in hyderabad it is very good place in hyderabad
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this is very peaceful place for studies. And this is also central university. This is very near to where i am living.
This place changed my life for the better and I am back home for my PhD
It is a best platform for develop technically and it is Top university in Hyderabad
Loved this place because of its Greenery, pollution free and peaceful environment. University of Hyderabad is the only University of India having a bio-reserve region.
best university that i had never visited........with beautiful campus and best education... loved it
"hcu is the biggest university... more opportunities...beautiful placee...so happy to came here...:karthi
Success to your dreams for a good IT Career in a well and reputed company if you really work hard.....
It's Good for IT Carrier . It's Good for IT Carrier . It's Good for IT Carrier .It's Good for IT Carrier
It is one of the beautiful place that I have visited .while walking at morning i enjoyed lot.
it is a good university with excellent teaching staff and provides good education for students.
I like it very well,,but I missing all the enjoy...I had enjoyed allot
the awesome green campus, the animated discussions and the amazing library! glad to be a part of it all
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I Visited that university with my friends. And that was the best university I had never visited. Students also come from other countries to study in this university. So,We are proud to have such university in our state.
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it is very ggod and very wide and also very good environment and slso good wheather
this is over hyderabad university that's y i like
hyderabad is so butterball place
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i love this place a lot. It is so pleasent and happy. hcu campus is the best.kjsdnusdsd jhiushhnsdjcf hifhuisdnhcfsdnc ujhb c dujfhsdjcs hsdncsdc sdhndcjn iofjisdhfuerhfjsdn ihfiejfpowek oljewofkskf ijuiewkjfejhfiesuj
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freedom,piece full,pollution free,nice climate,diverified students with different cultures,cooperative to each other,it is a place to study,enjoy etc
love this place and ui love u one od fthe nest gitl in this college and u the one wh carems me a, a loya and i have tp
The learning experience is holistic here with one of the best campus networks!! Blessed to be part of it.
"it is located in the amidst of twin cities i.e., hyderabad and secunderabad, which no city posses in india."
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