Osman Sagar

Gandipet, Gandipet, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500000 - India
  • Tel: +91-40-27792300
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'coz it's beautiful, calm, serene, has birds and cattle grazing about and has a legendary history :)
Gandipet Lake, was once a beautiful one. This lake was supplying water to Hyderabadis and the Water was so sweet and good for health. The catchment area in and around, Gandipet, was Vikarabad and surrendering villages.
Wow! what a beautiful place in the vicinity of hyderabad. Better to go with friends.
Little far away from our city to visit quite often, but nevertheless one of the nicest places I would recommend everyone.
this is one beautiful place with attractive mini parks around. prepare your food at home and bring it here for a laid down lunch,
This lake has good picturesque location. Good shaded benches and restrooms will do wonders for AP tourism's revenues.
Its a nice excuse to get out of the city traffic and have great time with your friends.
Quite verdant, scenic and peaceful. A great option if you want to get out of the city without actually getting out of it - perhaps the perfect picnic. And of course, it has the greatest waterfront you could get in Hyderabad.
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