MVSR Engineering College

Nadergul, Saroornagar Mandal, R.R. District, Hyderabad, Telangana, 501510 - India
  • Tel: +91-8415-244362, 244867
  • Fax: +91-8415 - 245180
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Best for sports, Huge ground. Supporting Faculty members for any initiative to be taken to support student activities
The college gives the best education with best teachers..The college creates leaders for tomorrow
nice college with excellent surrounding and good platform to build a career for students and young faculty
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best platform,My Best memories of college life. I had my best friends, learnt alot from my lecturers......
well... i like this college coz the faculty and labs where better than many of the enng colleges in Telangana
I love the environment and due respect will be given to students...........Deeply grateful to this college
I Love the environment and every one give due respect to me and my friends
Along with my graduation i learned a lot,I am blessed on studying in that college
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"I'm very much glad that I'm part of this college, very good environment and best faculties...... Its a real college experience......."
"Awesome clg yar.....i realy like d open gate system...huge campus where we can hv fun while on a serious note the education system is so good n understanding and it makes us independent...:)"
this is my engineering clg, i finished my graduation from this college. i realy like d open gate system
the best college ever with good faculty and good infrastructure,m glad to b a part of this college ,one can learn a lot of things from this college......
"college Life !! happy to be a part of such a college , a great opportunity to prove our abilities in this college
best platform, a great opportuinity to prove our abilties love this placement opportuinities!!!
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this is a very good place. i would advise everyone to visit this placew which is mvsrec.
it is a place where we can learn new things.the place where we can enjoy and study
it is so large and very top college in andhra pradesh and is so nice
My Best memories of college life. I had my best friends, learnt alot from my lecturers. Bunking classes, sports room, cafeteria and all my friends, I miss them alot.
I like it because this is where i found good friends and enhanced my perception towards everything.
place where u hav freedom, friends ,fights,relationships,sports bla bla!!!a perfect engineering college!!..Loveee ma college!!!!
its place where i do not feel my self alone....
it is my second home.
I love this place because I spent the most important 4 years of my life here, It laid a foundation to define myself.It helped me learn, explore and taught me how to compete. It will always be a part of who I am.
This is where I'm pursuing my Bachelor of Engineering course in Civil Engineering. It helped me teach practical applications of engineering. Also, equipped me with the basic knowledge in Civil Engineering. This place showed me friends who stand by me forever. I'm happy to be a part of this organization.
MVSR Enginnering College is one of the top 10 colleges in Andhra Pradesh. The campus is very much student friendly. It helps its students to excel in all aspects and help always strives to bring the best of them..... I love my college....
because i study is passion to me and my dream so this is my favourite place
This is my Graduation College and passed out of this college in 2009 from EEE branch....
The more I say about it the less it is. MVSR had a very good faculty and well equipped labs!! I just love the campus, with the small Xerox shop, the cute canteen to pacify all the hunger pangs and the tree spots to hang out with buddies!!! And to top it all, MVSR always gave students the liberty to live the student dress codes or strict in and out time and the awesome fresher's party and the cultural fests it threw!! After all an engineering student reminiscents about his/ her college days with all the bunking, last minute studying memories!!! I thank MVSR for giving me such an enjoyable engineering life in terms of learning and fun!! Hope its the same for all the coming batches!!
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one of the top most engineering college in AP................. with best teaching faculty.....................and very good labss...........
one of the top engineering college in state.... with very facilities and faculty....
reputated college..
It is just about 15 minutes from my home by direct bus, i never missed my classes. Truly it was the best college of my time for B. E study. Great teachers and i am proud of it. All the best to MVSR .....
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its my college....ha ha ha ha...its very fun to me..i njoyed alot.
the place where i met few best friends and ofcourse my graduation degree and what not a lifetime experience
This is my college....
I Love my college because this is the place where i gain knowledge and also learn many more things and make new friends.
Interact with seniors and all.........
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i lv this place due to peaceful environment....i feel the purity and camness of nature
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