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It had many water games to play which are really enjoyable and fun. It is a place where all the people can spend some quality time
It is very nice.good experince i have to go their with my friends.it was a good experience for me to go
I love that place because I like water games a lot.l enjoyed playing there...
It gave me refreshment in this hot summer. Enjoyed a lot in rain dance along with my bestiees..!!
I enjoyed a lot there. complete day in water made me feel awesome. so many thrilling water games.
Best place to hangout with friends . One of the best water theme park that one can enjoy a lot.
we enjoyed the water park , we had spent good time in it, a must visit .A good place to spend time in summer .
Wow Great Place To Be Visited,
Enjoyed a Lot With My Family And Cousins,
we have the lots of fun in the water rides and river side front and have a recreation time
I will enjoy in this place because they are some games and i will play so many rides
Jalavihar is a waterpark located in Hyderabad, Telengana (India) within an area of about 12.5 acres (5.1 ha). Located beside Sanjeevaiah Park and along the Hussain Sagar lake, the park was inaugurated on 20 May 2007.he 18,000 square feet (1,700 m2) wave pool, the largest in the country, can accommodate about 1,000 people at a time.The constructed area comprised only 10% of the total area of the park. Proper fencing was provided along the park to prevent littering around the Hussain Sagar lake. The park consists of two main zones – entertainment and party. The entertainment zone has water sports, wave pool, dry rides, mini train and food courts. The party zone contains open lawns that can accommodate about 2,000 people.
because there are many slides and rides to enjoy. nice place to enjoy in hyderabd
its a enjoying a lot and memoriable in my heart.this locaton is aronded necklace road in front of sexratrait,ntr gardensand eat street
its of completely water world at which it contains many water games. its very good to visit this place.
a place to enjoy vt friends vt out any disturbance n lot of entertainment n hapyness
it is very special place. i visited it with my friends and enjoyed a lot.
I love this place because... This is the best place to enjoy with friends.. Awesome water games
That's a good place to spend our time for good enjoyment and for refreshment too.....
its of complete water games at which everyone can enjoy alot....A good holiday and entertainment spot.
Its was Awesome day in my life.I went with my frnds.I njyd a lot
In hot summer with cool rain dance,slidings,swiming,masti everythng happen crazy...
Best water place to hang out with friendz... Can enjoy water rides and rain dance at a reasonable prise..
A lot of water games are there in the jalavihar. every one can enjoy alot. I really had best moments in jalavihar with my frineds
That is the place where we can enjoy whole the day..There is no age limitations,every one can enjoy with lot off fun..........
one of the biggest run in hyderabad...2500+ students....RUN FOR A CAUSE.. #StreetCauseHyderabad 15/03/2015...memorable
we enjoyd lvly moments with frnz here.tht we cn nvr forget.simply unforgettable....mostly abhishek.bcz his funny moments
i have visited jalavihar with my frns and had a loads of fun with them.njoyed alot
a beautiful and amusement place to visit and had lots of fun... with memorable moments!
good place enjoying lot very funny and good water world gaming place water games lot of fun
i love it because of its pleasant nature.that is the only reason to love it
went with family and everyone loved this place to heart's content. i recommend this place to everyone.
Jalavihar is one place i visit quite often just for it's clean waters and awesome water sports.
a place to take your kids and friends on a sunday to immerse yourself in so called water happiness:)
I took my young kid to this place couple of months back. I could not get into water, but I really really wanted to. It's a pretty good water park.
i go visit jal vihar quite often. the place is so serene i like drenching in water through out the day. fun place.
kids just love this place. when i bring them here i make sure that i get into the water and play with them. one good place.
As a kid I always fancied of swimming in deep waters. Some fear water but I'm different. I can swim for hours. I love jalavihar for its water sports and a small isolated swimming area.
it has loads of water games and rides,very nice place to be with your friends and have loads of fun.
i go with my male and female friends to this area quite often. it has lot's of watergames. games will entice you to a different level!
Jalavihar is one such place where anyone can enjoy irrespective of age. I mostly see kids with families and adult couples visit this place quite often.
Jal vihar is an excellent place of entertainment, especially for children, playing water games is an awesome experience for me.........
need not travel long distances for water games,we can have loads of fun with the games and rides with all my friends.
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