ISKCON Hyderabad

Sri Sri Radha Madanmohan Mandir, Hare Krishna Land, Nampally Station Road, Abids, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500001 - India
  • Tel: +91-40-66668333, 40-24607089, 9848162724
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ISKCON is a famous temple for the lord krishna, i love that place because whenever i visit that place i feel peace and happiness. i am proud to be in hyderabad
Around 1976, devotees from different parts of India and the world had initiated activities of ISKCON in different parts of South India like Bangalore ..peace of mind"
i love the place because its so peaceful over there and also i love the temple
i comes to know through my friend this is the place where one can search his way after diviated from his goal path
It is the place where we can get personality development classes along with devotional classes.It is the place where we can get peace and selfconfidence.We can get blessings of God.
It was very good place for peace, nice place where you can find yourself out of world.
Because this is one such places which has the power to lift my spirits thoroughly ....!!
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This is a worlds fames temple (International Sri Krishna Consciousness ).It is located in our city Hyderabad Abids and another is Secundrabad.
The place of recreation. Energizing the week. Grace of great vaishnava HDG A.C. BHAKTI VEDANTA SWAMI PRABHUPADA, on us, to get the glory of our beloved lord KRSNA
All the dry ethics of the world turn to dust, because apart from God, they are lifeless.
iskcon is for true krishna disciples. i have been an ardent devotee of lord krishna since my child hood. this place gives the required boosting and energy to succeed in daily course of life... life long guaranteed!
I visited Bangalore Iskcon and Hyderabad Iskcon. Bangalore Iskcon is so big, that Hyderabad Iskcon seems to be too small. Nevertheless people go to pray God and not to measure the size of the temple:))
colours used in iscon is so natural and spiritual i would say. it gives peace of mind even if you do meditation just for 5 minutes here.
It is one of the best spiritual places I would say. Like minded people join here for bhajans, Everyone contribute to their might.
people with spiritual bend of mind and Krishna conscious are welcome here. they accept alms of various kind that benefit poorer segment.
after a hectic day's work, it is so soothing to meditate at such a wonderful place like iskcon. i like to take part in bhajans.
This place is highly spiritual and mind blowing. This place has Temple, Bhajans, Restaurant, Library, Hostel, Meditation Space etc.
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