IIT Madras is an excellent place for research and innovations.
It is a Lovely place. Nice Environment. So Greenish. Nice place to study and work.
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Spent beautiful 4 years of my research work. Amazing place with amazing people. Missing those days.
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This is the place which shaped me as a researcher and always be a source of inspiration. This is where I met great people including my advisor, who inspired me to pursue research.
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lovely in all times i used to visit once for thIC Engines workshops with colligues.
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It is a premier institute where I interacted and became friends with some of the brightest people in the country. Helped me take a new perspective on life, networking, values and team work.
IIT Madras has always been a place of inspiration for me. The environment inside IIT is completely different. Its a place where you get to learn all the time. So Thumbs Up to IIT
Helped me realize my true potential, had many brilliant people that I could learn from.
Indian Institute of Technology Madras is one among the foremost institutes of national importance in higher technological education, basic and applied research. In 1956, the German Government offered technical assistance for establishing an institute of higher education in engineering in India. The first Indo-German agreement in Bonn, West Germany for the establishment of the Indian Institute of Technology at Madras was signed in 1959.
because my school is over here and my friends all of them stay at here
This is the place where i have come to shape my future, i have got my best friend, i have got an opportunity to play with my innovations.
one of my fav institute and one of the ranked institute,I always want to see myself graduated from there
I have done my post graduation here. It's a beautiful place on the Earth
My Institute.Being at IITM makes me feel proud to be a part of legacy of being an iitian
My College :-*. This place teaches everything one wants to live in the real world. Missing it :(
It has tought me everything that is needed in leading a great life. The campus and the people are the best assets of this university
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May IIT Madras be evergreen in its intellectuals, flora and fauna! As an alumnus, I feed proud to be part of its global heritage.
Love the deers monkeys and plants first.. then love all the smart monkeys and their work at CFI
It is my Alma Matter ! It is in Chennai ( previously Madras ) and Not In Hyderabad ! We entered This Site To See IIT Madras Alumni List and Your Software Failed !
I studied M. Tech( Met Engg) and completed in Jan 1994. Now working in BHEL corporate R&D at Hyderabad, Telangana
Insti gives you freedom to discover your interests and a lot of opportunities to pursue them
Because I love it. Iam a Student at IIT Madras. Iam currently in my 3rd Year Dual Degree.
IIT Madras is the place to learn about Metallurgy and materials in engineering. Got an expert's suggestion for my expected results.
You get good food, free internet and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
Being a student of Department of Management Studies (DoMS), IITM is one of the best parts of my life.
Awesome place to be here, few years later it will be my alma-mater. couple more to go Wonderful space that you get here is found no where else in chennai
The amount of greenery around creates a pleasant environment for doing anything u want to do.
its a place for students to gather knowledge in a peaceful environment where every student shines
IIT ..jus went for seeing it ..awesome place ..good environment ..good scope for research opportunities
My Alma Mater; What an education! What a campus! I wish to go back to the student days.
You won't find this much greenery at one place in Chennai.Flora and fauna have been USP of IIT Madras along with the creative ambience.
because of its simplicity and the positve vibe i get from it. the people here are very generous
just......thinking of pursuing M.tech in ocean engineering and naval architecture from IIT MADRAS...
really beautiful place from where I did my B.tech in Clinical Engineering from 2012-2014.
"i love this place because of the friendly atmosphere and the supportive friends
and watching series
iitm , our insti!!!! it has given me lots of pleasures...i love the nature. it really gets the true passion out..no matter about studies or not...and insti makes students how to learn...the intrinsic value of education...not just study...!!!
Insti is an amazing place filled with fond memories. It's a place to truly find yourself, challenge yourself, and meet some of the brightest people with the whackiest ideas.

It's a great place to learn a lot, try a lot, make great friends, and have a lot of fun :)
Probably the only thing , that i can talk about for hours !!! Lovely place filled with amazing people
U got the freedom to make your own choices.. A place where you can design your destiny .
It seems so much like my home to me .
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Insti is fascinating in so many ways. Filled with opportunities and amazing people. So many memories.
Fabulous place to work study and live. Memories round the clock. Gonna miss this place soon !
Memories which lasts forever are tied up with my campus. Nothing wrong in saying it's equal to my home.
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Most amazing place to live and It's like second home..#iloveInsti #gonna miss in few months
i really love to study at IIT(madras)..........waiting for a moment..........to get in
Place of green, freedom and opportunity. Temple of knowledge. Lots of friends and no rules.
i i t m a d r a s i i t m a d r a s
The place is green, and the evenings are a wonderful time to jog. The canteen stalls are a break for the budget freaks.
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"I Just love this place because its a beautiful environment with lots of facilities near by"
It was awesome days that I spent here, everything that chalks, that boards, that teachers, that friends, that addas, that tea shops are unforgettable.
Being at IIT Madras is like back to good old day where no pollution existed,Where nature lived in perfect harmony with human.Where there was no cruelty and everything was in NOW.Its so serene like an unrippled pond where you can be happy for no reason.
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It's a serene and really pleasant campus with great scenic beauty . And you can meet all kinds of people here and could do crazy stuff all day !!
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