Hussain Sagar (Tank Bund)

Hussain Sagar, Tank Bund, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500029 - India
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it is a good place to visit with friends and their is a boating we have spent time in boating
best ever place in hyderabad to visit at nights...... apart of traffic entire beauty of hyderabad can be seen there
Because its a place where you can relax , have a nice time and its worth spending time there !
nice place in telangana tourism and peceful area to get relax and most buitiful budha statue in centere
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its a nice place, i feel peace full when i go there in midnight , and near by it there is a neclace oad its also a nice place to visit
it is one of the best place in i love this place so much
F u l l H o l i d a y s p e c i a l with friends.
because of at evenig time that wheter is soo coll and tht is near to imax theater
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
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"u tripped ? :P"
love the ambiance there and street food available and boating in the lake and parks available around
early in the morning its very precious with good climate to walk there with friends somtimes
though the water is all stinking, the majestic Buddah statue is overwhelmingly quite and induces peace :)
Its feels great to sit there in the evenings with friends or with someone you love and just watch the beautiful water.
it is pleasant , beautiful... I like it because it is nearer to my aunts house
"""superb weather nice locations i loved it in nyts bcoz the lighting is awesome and icecreamzzz ummmmmm"
beautiful----peace----calm----lovable---people cud make a ride to buddha statue through the speed boat makes day wondderrrrr
one of d best places which reminds us of great ppl of INDIA!..and d budh statue...!!
worth visiting..
It is unexpresseble that how much i like that place.i like that place very much beacuse it is my favourite place to ride,roam and hangout with friends.
due to the varied atmosphere at that is more like a holiday spot!!
Excellent place to spend, historical statues and water fountains, a different atmosphere we can feel here. Lot of seating accommodation provided by the Government of Andhra Pradesh (Oops now we can say Telangana Government.).
the trees,the water,the nights,the sky,the peace,the grass verything seems very peacefull to i love going there
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Awesome place to visit.
Gautam Budha statue in middle of lake,remind me statue of liberty :)
we all friends enjoyed a lot here ... and we we went there for birthday of one of friends.
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Regardless of its stinky nature, bad odor in the atmosphere around it... it is a place where we can replenish our selves after a hectic schedule... best place for a weekend hangout or a long drive along the lake bank
i experienced a lot and enjoyed wit my dear ones... :)
most unexpected and unbelievable memories.. :B
This place is extremely great to enjoy the moments with friend and all.It has an excellent scenery to enjoy
its nice to go there and have fun with friends the pride of hyderabad budha statue at centre of tank bund
im very happy for being a part of 100 pins, and feeling good have a great day
"One of the best place in city.which have all around road and water in mid have statue.
gud place to have joy......gud statue in water....nice scenery all around.all have to visit the place once.
very cool and pleasant atmosphere is there,boating in that place is very joyful to do
It's awsome feel while going on the tankbund road... with full of colors.. fresh air.. cool whether.. nice place to visit in hyd..
its peaceful place in the entire city of hyderabad to relax and enjoy to the core
Famously known as Hussain Sagar / Tank Bund / Necklance road. No body must have missed in Hyderabad visiting this place. Too good for families, dates and many things:))
This is one beautiful place that I cannot avoid going to frequently. i just love the place.
The oldest and the best landmark in the city. The place to go to learn about our history.
one of the nice places i visitd long back and recommend it. take food and go for a long drive... you will throughly enjoy the trip.
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"Excellent idea, take food and walk on tankbund will give a lovely feeling, i do agree with you."
it goes back to my college days. our girls gang used to frequent this place quite often. walk from one to the other just talking about everything under the sun
A serene place with no tides at all:)) We friends went to this place last year and had fun playing a good number of games together in a neat park closeby.
one of my favorite places(specially during the night time)where i can enjoy my cigarette with a good view,beautiful lights and cool breeze is awesome.
A beautiful lake in the mid of the city. What more can Hyderabad ask for:) Going in the evening and resting on the benches will soothe the strained brains for sure!!!
Nice Roaming place for the college students, It looks amazing in the night time especially attracts Buddha Statue.
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