Content Guidelines
100pins allows users to contribute different kinds of content, including reviews, ratings, private messages, and more. Please keep in mind the guidelines below regarding content that you might contribute to the site.
  1. Inappropriate content
    Please desist from threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech and other displays of hatred.
  2. Conflicts of interest
    Your contributions should be unbiased and objective. If you are writing a review of your own business, you must fully disclose details of your occupation and your relationship with the business.
  3. Relevance
    Please ensure that your contributions are relevant and appropriate to the page / forum.
  4. Fraudulent use
    You may not create user accounts for anyone other than yourself.
  5. Privacy
    Please do not publicize other people's private information, or post close-up photos of other people without their permission, or post other people's full names unless you're referring to service providers who are commonly identified by their full names.
  6. Intellectual property
    Please do not swipe content from other sites or users.
  1. Review Guidelines
    Here are some some guidelines for reviewers.
    1. Personal experience
      Users want to hear about your firsthand consumer experience, and not what you heard from other people.
    2. Accuracy
      Please make sure your review is factually correct. You may express your opinion, but please do not exaggerate or misrepresent your experience. 100pins does not take sides in disputes involving facts, so you must be prepared to stand by your review.
  2. Photo Guidelines
    You can upload photos to your personal account and any business listing. Let your photos reflect the typical consumer experience (e. g. what the business looks like, what the business offers).
  3. User Profile Guidelines
    Use your account profile to let people know who you are. Users want to read reviews from people they know and can trust, not people with profiles that are empty or filled with inappropriate content.
  4. Shoutbox Guidelines
    The shoutbox is a place for cool, quick and honest conversations about what's going on in your community. While it is easy to engage and post on the shoutbox, please take care with what you post since you cannot delete it.
  5. Messaging Guidelines
    100pins has a messaging feature to keep you connected with your fellow users. Please do not use this feature to harass other users or send other inappropriate content. User accounts are for personal, non-commercial use only.
  6. Commercial use of
    If you want to use 100pins for commercial purposes, you must contact us to create a business account and agree to our Merchant Terms & Conditions.
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