Chowmohalla Palace (Hyderabad)

Khilwat Road, Motigalli, Charminar, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500002 - India
  • Tel: +91-40-24522032, 9866217394
  • Website
cool and gud place to watch around......
can enjoy alot over there and hav some pleasent time.
It's a very beautiful and awesome palace. And we get to know lot about the way they lived their lives in that era by seeing their costumes crockeries vehicles etc.
Its just an awesome palace, it reminds us the historical livings of nizams. Its the historical place. A history in which every particular incident may be true may on the whole be false.
where do i start!?....beautiful palaces with intricate interiors and breathtakingly awesome displays and exhibits! is the heritage of Hyderabad and a must see!
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Image: Barbara Nilsson