About 100pins
Wouldn't you love a site where you could see a full list of the favorite local places of each of your friends, and of other people you like/respect?

And a place where you could see, by category and by location, places/businesses in your city that have been mentioned by most people as personal favorites?

Welcome to 100pins.

What is 100pins?

100pins helps you see what local places your friends, and other people in your city, consider their favorites.

That is, the best in your city according to its own residents.

These could be dentists, day care centres, Chinese restaurants, schools, colleges, movie theatres, homeopaths, tennis coaching centres, hostels, lawyers, wedding photographers, and anything else.

You can see which places in any category have been mentioned as favorites by most people, and for any part of your city.

You can see:

1. all the favorite places of a particular person (e. g. a friend, or a person you like or respect)
2. all people who've mentioned a particular place as a personal favorite (e. g. a gym), and
3. all places mentioned as favorites in a particular category (e. g. Italian restaurants), and in a particular part of town (with how many have mentioned each as a favorite)

It's information you always wanted - now, 100pins puts it in front of you in a few quick clicks.

How does it work?

When users of 100pins like a place in their city, they "pin" it - that is, add it to their lists as a favorite.

Pinning is extremely simple - you do not need to know even the address or telephone, or be able to locate the place on a map. If you give us some broad details, we do everything. We check if the place is already on 100pins, and if so, link it to your post/pin. And if the place is not on 100pins, we find out all data and add it. All in usually a few minutes.

Of course, if you find the page for the place on 100pins yourself (e. g. 100pins.com/elbit-school), it's instant.

You also get a page for yourself (e. g. 100pins.com/anita), which has a list of all your local favorites, organized by category. And you may or may not make it visible to everyone - it is up to you.

What makes 100pins.com different?

1. The utter simplicity. Both when you are looking for information (e. g. you may want to know dentists in a part of your city pinned by most people) and when you are participating (e. g. you love a yoga center and want others to know).

2. The complete authenticity. 100pins.com allows only real people, and only one account per person, and so needs users to verify their emails and mobile phones to be able to post anything, and to provide their real names and photos. We quickly delete any account reported and proved to be fake, duplicate or manipulative.

3. The great local community. Beyond sharing and discovering local favorites, you also get to interact with many people of your own city sharing similar interests, and forge great new friendships.

So pin a place now. 100pins will quickly become your most helpful source of great local places, created by the people you trust most - others in your city just like you.
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