Triveni Talent School (Ashok Nagar)

Opp HIG Gate, Kakatiya Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500020 - India
this is my school where it is my first step to being a engneering student so i love this school
it is a nice school in the local good education good friends and good hostel
i love this place becaus e i grown up there and my parents live sthere
i love my school because i got many good loving friends and friendly teachers ,who cares us like their own children and made us feel good at school. i loved this school as we were being provided with all the facilities a student needs for studying as well as to refreshment.
I love the place Sydney I want to be in Sydney I think it is most beautiful place
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I love this place because my birth place is hyderabad. My parents and my family members will live your only and I have all facilities available here
It is very good collage in hyderabad. with good faculty and i am proud to be a student of mlrit .
i love my villege.... its the fav place which i like
the place where i can enjoy a lot
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