Shakti Hörmann Pvt. Ltd.

20, Sripuri Colony Rd, Sripuri Colony, R & D Colony, Karkhana, Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500015 - India
  • Tel: +91-040-2784-0394
Hormann, is a pioneer in high performance doors across the world and the No. 1 door brand in Europe. Powered by the best of German Technology to design, build and supply doors for industrial, commercial and residential purposes. Hormann has developed a reputation for excellence in the Indian market with high quality products, prompt delivery, and a service paradigm that has become an industry benchmark. It has a pan-India presence with sales and marketing offices spread across all major metros. Their products uphold the highest international standards and are characterised by excellent quality, functional safety and long-service life. They are the premier residential door manufactures in India with future oriented solutions making them an ideal partner for constructions. Their residential door range includes- Entrance doors, Internal Doors, Safety entrance doors, Rail & Stile series, Garage Doors and door operators. Apart from being the premier residential door manufacturers in India, they are also known to be the best fire glazed door manufacturers in India and the best fire rated door manufacturers in India.
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