NTR Gardens

Adjacent to Hussain Sagar Lake, Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500020 - India
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it is a nice place and we can do enjoy a lot .and there will be a budha statue it is nice to see,and we can do boating also ,and there will do a nimarzanam of vinayakas also it is nice place to watch
We can see diffent people visiting this place as it is at the borders of the water and people spend time at weekends to enjoy with their family
There will be no partiality between rich and poor .The. place is peace and calm
i realy love that place because i met my childhood friends there i had lots of fun and joy with i enjoyed a lot
A pleasant place of relaxation and refreshment from stress and strain.a place where we can enjoy the nature
it is very beautiful with good atmosphere
the maintenance of the streets were so clean
I love this place for the reason that there are a lot of plants with different sources of plants and tres
its a nice place for refreshment.it provides a nice environment.its a good relaxing and entertaining place
NTR gardens is a nice place for refreshment.one can feel very refreshed and relaxed there.
so cool pleasant place a nice place to be visited good place for picnic and holidays
TR Gardenis a Sprawling garden complex covering an area of 34 acres in the heart of Hyderabad ...
its very nice place..had enjoyed with all my cousins.especially its very good place for children to gather there for playing...nice and good greenary
i enjoyed a lot in that palace on my friends birthday it is also one of my sweet memory
i like that place because i have many memories with it. I went with my friends and enjoyed all the rides there.
"I like NTR Garden it is greenary and enjoyie so piceceful and very nice so that i like the garden"
i like ntr gardaden it is so enjoyie palace so that i like it garden
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Lovely place to hangout... Can enjoy the rides ...the beauty ...al at a reasonable prise..
It is very lovely place to play and also good place to enjoy with family and friends
I love that place because I went there with my friends on new year eve and had fun there:)
these are the places i like very much and i like to visit this places again and again.
its a wonderful place with exciting rides ,best place to hangout with a group of friends,
i like that place very much .bcoz the place is very peaceful and plenty of trees
i like this place becuase it is a place where we can enjoy and got refresh.
it has a big water sliding tree which is most lovable and have trilling experience
its a place to have fun with friends and with family .
nice place to spend time in peace
good view Tasty food night life and movie on i Max prasad ....its my first place i went when i landed on hyderabad and first thing that caught my eye was statue of budha in middle of the lake
This is one place I wish to take my family again and again. Very neatly maintained. It has a mini-train that will take you around and will give you a feeling of you missed something till date:)
I frequent between vizag and hyd quite often. I visit lumbini and ntr gardens with friends and make sure i eat chat at eat street.
Whenever i visit lumbini i make it a point to visit ntr gardens too, as i find this too good to resist.
i pray tribute to the legendary actor NTR. i really appreciate government for taking initiative and putting in such a garden in place for us to remember him.
Place i have been going since my school,good place to take kids and its good to hang out with friends too
Nandamuri taraka rama rao garu was the supreme hero of Telugu cinema. This memorial park is a great place to visit with your families. It is extremely well maintained park with great landscaping, train ride, fountains and greenery.
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