MVSR Engineering College

Nadergul, Saroornagar Mandal, R.R. District, Hyderabad, Telangana, 501510 - India
  • Tel: +91-8415-244362, 244867
  • Fax: +91-8415 - 245180
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Awesome college, friendly atmosphere, good infrastructure, good faculty and finally MVSR is the best college in Hyderabad.
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"I don't think so"
My college has wonderful environment and good faculty.It gave me lot of memories.I got good set of friends
I had lots of memories with my friends and the faculty members were so friendly. The college made me more passionate in achieving my goal
I love this college because this is the place where i met many people, had fun, started thinking in a new manner and had lectures support...
This college has taught me alot and made me stronger and gave me life time friends with wonderful memories
A tremendous environment which made me learn how to lead my career and my life in a success full way....
An awesome place with lot of memories which gave me life time friends and made me strong with best education to succeed.
It is a place where I got so many friends had a lot of enjoyment.
Got gud opportunities for future.
Gud college with gud environment
I made good set of friends here in this college.
Learnt many things from my friends, college and faculty.
I'm blessed to be in this college.
I got a lot of friends here and enjoyed a lot
I love this college and have bright future ahead
I like the environment about the college
Good college,good environment,good facilites,my best place is my college i love my college.
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It is really a nice place to hang out with friends. I will never forget the one night studies before exams..
Good college
daily i enjoy with my friends
i don't want to leave this college
My favourite place is my college ...
Because I got many frds and learned a lot from them
I never forget this place
This is my best place ever
undoubtedly ours is the best college in our state
college atmosohere is fabulous
it given me lot of good friends
lot of enjoyment
i cant imagine
how iam without our college
, my experience in college has given me a chance to sharpen my skills in my field of choice. There have been, and there will continue to be, many opportunities to learn more ways of improving my craft as a result of my time in college , which I am truly thankful for
i have a lot of memories related to this college.i have found good companions over here.
Awesome place with so good amenities. I am very happy that I belong to this college .."
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I love this college because of the open gate system and I Study in this College.
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i love this college bcoz of the open gate system and u learn explore so many things here and learn new things that r actually required to conquer this world
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My dream was to study cse in this was good place wher i learnt a lot from it
This made me to meet my best friend's in my life and with them I have a most memorable moments
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I am nature lover.My college with full of trees made me to connect most effectively .The college life i am going on experience is unexpected but still i love the college atmosphere and very much my besties who are staying besides me for my every success & failures...
I learnt many things from my college. Environment is good with experienced faculty. As a final year student going to miss my college.
The great days of my B.E life were spent here which are the most remembered.the environment is the best .
Lush green campus with highly experienced faculty members in all departments who help students to bring out their academic/research oriented talent & interests and create perfect platform to develop their life skill sets.
rating 0 stars as 100 pins is asking to write some thing or esle it will not allow me to pin it
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Nice college , good faculty ,labs and infrastructure is good, nice playground,library,and other facilities
Maturi Venkata Subha Rao Engineering College is our engineering college, Nadergul village, Saroornagar mandal, Telangana state
Very nice technical staff and good staff in the college it is a very good college
i love this place due to presence of huge climate and the people that they communication of the people"
I had lots of memories with my friends and the faculty members were so friendly. The college made me more passionate in achieving my goal.
Had a great tym being there
Mostly miss the canteen, volleyball and bunking classes
Little bit studying also did there
It is given me a lot of good memories and had made me a better person than what i was..
I love my college..peace mind..great experience....awesome enviromnt..missng my college days..ssffsfss
it is my college and i have been there since 2012 and i love it
Great college with pleasant surroundings. Experienced and friendly faculty. Fully equipped labs and a big canteen along with maggie station.
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"I feel the same way☺️"
i completed my graduation in this college.i have learned many things from this college.In this college,there are some restrictions as well as freedom.
Good deal of involvement of students in various college activities. The students are allowed to do what they like.
M V S R enignerring college will be Nothing more than a college on my resume.
Hyderabad is a city of pearls.loves it so much.Awesome place for me.One of the biggest city in india.
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'It is a place which i have completed my graduation and lot of memories with me'
I love this place, from the very first day I have just loved this place
Its my college where I graduated
I am really gifted to study in this college which helped for my all-round development.
i do my engineering course inthis college for the past 4 has been a fine experience till date.
A great place for learning, which has given me a lot of memories to remember. Had a great experience.
"my college has a very good environment and it looks very beautifull becuse of cleanlyness"
i like my is very spacious and pleasent...nice environment and college..had a great time there.
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