MVSR Engineering College

Nadergul, Saroornagar Mandal, R.R. District, Hyderabad, Telangana, 501510 - India
  • Tel: +91-8415-244362, 244867
  • Fax: +91-8415 - 245180
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one of most reputed institution and it is a great institution for education.
it has got good ambiance.
I really loved this college. nice friends to hung with ,gave many beautiful memories . I rather thank college for giving an ample freedom to enjoy the college life!
Student Freindly campus...keerthi for dance...keerthi njoying with jun' to love....finally, leave the campus
MVSR college of engineering is a good college,where we learn the subjects.The environment is very good to study
This is my College and I love this because it has given me many memories to cherish in my life
its a best place where one can excel themselves in the particular field they choose ! best faculty
One of the best campus in hyderabad which a bit far from the city..i'm proud to be an mvsrian
i passed in the year 2016 this is the best infrastucture is good..lectureres give the cilear explanation about subjects
Reunion of 1997 passed out MVSR engineering students is planed on july 29 - 2017 saturday 11 am in the old saidabad complex incase you are not in the whatsup group please plan to join
"it's one of the best educational institution in Hyderabad"...which is a great place to learn new things !! We get great exposure out of all things which is very important for we students."
Great place to learn!!the whole atmosphere is different change from what u see in regular engineering colleges.
This college provided a friendly environment where I've made a lot of remarkable memories!!
Beautiful journey with lots of ups and down .I learnt a lot for this journey....
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Love this place!!
Loved the people,Staff,atmosphere and all.
I loved takin a sip of coffee sitting under a tree in-front of the canteen on a rainy day.
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"Great Beauty, Good Nature,Good Environment.
Great place to hangout.We enjoy being there especially library :) "
i love it a lot for beauty of its nature and the environment.great place to meet different people
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"eve thagginchukunte manchidhi"
MVSR engineering College.Hyderabad is under TOP FIVE engineering colleges in TELANGANA..and oldest college in Hyderabad..estd 1980
nice and splendid in hyderabad.iam greatful to see the place. i wish to visit it again.
mvsr is a place that has given us countless memories. Four years of BE has taught me what is life.
very nice.... it is one of the best place i have visited
i enjoy being there
nice environment..
fun being here.
love this college very much
so nice to be here
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A great platform for future and to learn various things . i really like the campus
The environment is quiet good and the campus is spacious.i really like the place
It was an awesome journey of my .....c ya MVSR i MISS ya !!! #hallelujah
beautiful place.....lovely people around.......#home away from home#..........thank u MVSR....THANK U HYDERABAD
This is the college that taught me what to do and what not to do and apart from academics it helped me to build my career.I love my college very much..................
this place gave me memories... college was fun and i will never forget the time spent in this place
this is a very good college and good faculty .. its very fun to be in this college
A good start and memorable ending.....worthful institution for a good career and upcoming bright future
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This is one of the platform, I chooses to reach my goal.I have learned many things and experienced too.
Best place to learn, enriched my management skills made good friends, good infrastructure and one of the best college of my academics
MVSR is a place to gain practical knowledge for the mechanical and automobile engineering students
Happy to spend my time 4years with friends and lecturers lots of fun in college
best college good to study,good teachers
very nice open gate system ,sometimes easy to bunk classes hahah:))
Happy to spend my 4 yrs with friends, lecturers and education fully in J O Y
I love this place because it has good environment and faculty...!!
It is the place where we can share our opinions with every one....!!!
i have a lot of memories with this college during this 4 (years) with my friends & I am gonna miss it....!!
after all this college has the best teaching i had ever....!!!!.
One of the best colleges through EAMCET
Good faculty ,labs
Rock Garden to celebrate
Seems like they are trying to make it closed Gate now a days .That could probably be the worst part if implemented
Our college has given me a lot of memories throughout these 4 years....As these are the last days of my college i will miss it a lot in my future....:)
No words to say about this college..good faculty and college environment place to gain more knowledge
Awesome college...Enjoying every day with my lovely friends...Good Campus , Canteen, library, sports... Specially Maggie stall
My college is equipped with all the necessary requirements that a student need to cope up with and build his career
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Awesome college, friendly atmosphere, good infrastructure, good faculty and finally MVSR is the best college in Hyderabad.
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"I don't think so"
My college has wonderful environment and good faculty.It gave me lot of memories.I got good set of friends
I had lots of memories with my friends and the faculty members were so friendly. The college made me more passionate in achieving my goal
I love this college because this is the place where i met many people, had fun, started thinking in a new manner and had lectures support...
This college has taught me alot and made me stronger and gave me life time friends with wonderful memories
A tremendous environment which made me learn how to lead my career and my life in a success full way....
An awesome place with lot of memories which gave me life time friends and made me strong with best education to succeed.
It is a place where I got so many friends had a lot of enjoyment.
Got gud opportunities for future.
Gud college with gud environment
I made good set of friends here in this college.
Learnt many things from my friends, college and faculty.
I'm blessed to be in this college.
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