Loyola High School

Near Andhra Bank, Vijayanagar Colony, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500057 - India
  • Tel: +91-40-23343325
Its my school area love it to be there to recollect memorie i have there
It's a very polite and quite place.it can be a tourist place because of its place with trees and mass area .its been very fantastic place for everyone.so I assure all of u too visit thus place
I love this school .. Becoz iy thought me everything .. What the real life is ..
and I found a true frndshp ..
very good feeling yeahhhh good and excellent setting mtter in the wavwme Aeronautical flow engineer
I have very good memories with my best friends and group which will be a memorable part of my life..
i love my school days lot! i enjoyed lot in my schooling and always be happy but not only in school also in colleges too..(Sri chaitanya, st francis college for women`s) i have many memorable moments in college life.college life is the bst life ever
i have learned and experienced lot due to education and thanks to my parents,god and many frndz for making me a part of them!
Loyola high is the best school in hyd with very friendly and helpful management & staff
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Image: Barbara Nilsson