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Supporting IIT Madras Causes: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories
This is an initiative in the "Other" category. Please consider donating.
Rs. 164,001 / Rs. 1,585,000 raised
About this cause
  • Dr. Pavel Osten's laboratory in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories -USA, intends to collaborate with Dr. Kaushik Mitra and Dr. Ganapathy Krishnamurthi at IIT Madras for research in areas of design and development of the data processing pipeline.
  • The focus of their work is on the study of brain circuits in normal mice and in mouse models of human disorders, such as depression, autism and schizophrenia.

Outcome of the research:

  • The collaboration aims at development of new class of algorithms, tools and softwares for the neurobiologists for analysis and visualization , for data generated by imaging methods—serial two-photon tomography (STPT) and oblique light-sheet tomography (OLST).
  • Towards this effort a 3 - 4 member team of Undergrads, Grad students and project associates will be hired as researchers for a period of 2 years.

To know more:
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who are Indian tax assesses.
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How the money will be used
  • The funds we raise will enable to pay for the salaries, support exchange of students and collaborators to CSHL and IIT-M.
  • Gyan courses and workshops on the related technologies being used in this project will also be conducted
More information
For more information please contact @
4 donors for this so far
Sumith Kumar
Rs. 3,000
Pavel Osten
United States of America (USA)
Rs. 150,000
Sachin Athalye
Rs. 10,001
saikiran valluri
Rs. 1,000
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