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Supporting IIT Madras Causes: Founding Professors
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Dear Classmates and Fellow Alumni:

After successfully completing the establishment and announcement of Prof. S. Sampath’s Institute Chair on our Reunion Day, December 26, 2016, we are emboldened to pursue our original thoughts to launch Founding Professors’ Institute Chair. As you may be aware, Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala is named as the Professor for Prof. Sampath Institute Chair. Please see the video of the Event:

The purpose of this informational note is to encourage the students of these Founding Professors to honor them and to establish one or more Institute Chairs based on our fundraising success. These are the Professors who strived to inculcate Fundas and concepts to us; to imbibe critical and analytical thinking skills to us; and in our formative years, crafted us to be the productive professionals and citizens of the world.

I am enclosing this attachment with the List of Professors, Photo Kalash, as well as the initial Funds and Pledges. These are available in the Founding Professors link for easy access. We will be maturing the process as we go with this campaign.

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1964 – B. Tech: Surjit Randhawa, Mallik Putcha (PMV), Sudhir Chandra, S. Srinivasan: M. Sc TBS +
1965 – B. Tech: CR Muthukrishnan, Pukhraj Jain, Esmalia Olia, Ramesh Vaswani, Pradeep Mallick +; M. Tech: Pas Pasupathy, Satyanarayana Rao
1966 – Subba Viswanathan, B. Muthuraman, Raj Varadarajan, +
1967 – B. Tech: Ram Ramarathnam, Ganesan Subramanian, Gopala Rao, Ashok Khanna+
1968 – B. Tech: Seshan Rammohan+; Ph. D: K. Thulasiraman
1969 – V. Gopinathan +
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Rs. 1,300,000
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