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Supporting IIT Madras Causes: Aerostrovilos - India's First Indigenous Gas Turbi
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About this cause
Aerostrovilos Energy Private Limited is IIT Madras incubated startup, which is developing a 100kW micro gas turbine for power generation. They are currently a six-member team and the founders include an alumnus and an Aerospace Department faculty.They are the first company in India to indigenously develop a sophisticated product like a gas turbine. This would also make IIT Madras as the only IIT where a gas turbine will be developed.

  • India being an agrarian economy has plenty of bio-waste, which can be used to electrify the villages. Each village roughly requires 100kW of power.

  • Today, still many rural households do not have access to electricity. The grid is inefficient. Whereas, a MGT can provide continuous power for 24x7 and with maintenance check after 10,000hrs and major overhaul maintenance only after 25,000-30,000 hrs.

  • The biggest advantage of this MGT is its high fuel flexibility. It can run on any liquid and gaseous fuels available locally like diesel, kerosene, biogas, etc. It is the perfect candidate for rural electrification by decentralizing the power source, which will be locally controlled by the villagers.

  • Gas turbines are meant for fuel flexibility. Currently, piston engines are available in the market, which can be for only one particular fuel.

  • Essentially, Aerostrovilos is developing a highly fuel flexible MGT which no other foreign MGT manufacturer sells. Hence we need your support to develop a prototype to demonstrate the technology.

    To know more you can visit us at
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    How the money will be used
    The money will be used for developing a proof of concept of 10kW, buying the systems and software licenses, and paying the salaries of the team until the government grants are released. The POC is paramount in approaching the investors to raise more money for developing the final 100kW product.
    More information
    For more details please contact us @
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