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Supporting IIT Madras Causes: Best Project in MS in Dept. of AM
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About this cause
  • Recognizing academic excellence and rewarding the students and research scholars has been a tradition at IIT Madras for a long time.
  • Institute Day, Convocation, Alumnite etc., are the occasions where such awards are presented. We have many awards funded by alumni as an endowment and the returns from the endowment are given as a prize to the students.
  • The endowed fund can be named as per the wish of the donor. This will leave a lasting memory of your contribution in the institute.
  • The award will be given to the student with the best Project thesis in MS in Department of Applied Mechanics Department
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    How the money will be used
    A Cash prize of Rs.10,000 and a certificate will be given to the student for the best project thesis in MS in department of applied mechanics annually. For 5 years: Rs. 2 lakhs For 10 years: Rs.4 lakhs
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