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Supporting IIT Madras Causes: Centre for Clean Water
This is an initiative in the "Other" category. Please consider donating.
Rs. 0 / Rs. 50,000,000 raised
About this cause
  • The objective of this centre is to deliver advanced and affordable technologies to tackle one of the most important challenges of the world, namely water.
  • An initiative of the Department of Science and Technology under the Nano Mission, Government of India.
  • Creation of this unit firstly is a recognition of IITM’s continuous efforts in this area.
  • Secondly is a demonstration of the DST’s commitment to one of the most important areas where solutions of advanced science and technology are needed.
  • This unit coexists with the DST Unit of Nanoscience, another initiative of the Nano Mission.

  • Sponsorship Amount: Rs. 5 Crores
  • The Laboratory will be located inside the campus with advanced equipment and scores of scientists working around the clock in search of clean water.
  • Proposed space for the Laboratory will be around 1000 sq ft.
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