Institute of Aeronautical Engineering (IARE)

Qutbullapur, Dundigal, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500043 - India
  • Tel: +91-8418-257181 / 182, 99858 21446, 99858 21456
  • Fax: +91-8418-257202
  • Website
The iare was a good clge that I have studied here and made my dream"
  • 4
"I love friendly atmosphere studies and ethics of my college and professional teaching and lovable faculty"
  • 4
its d place wer i get wtevr i want and makes my dreams come true
  • 3
"This is the place where I learn how to manage all the things in life...great fun with friends and faculty"
  • 2
place where we learn,play,achieve,fight,have funn,find new mates and build our career...!!!!!
  • 2
15+ words are not enough to describe this place. It may be +ve or -ve !!!
  • 2
Best infrastructure, Friendly Faculty , Real Engineering will be showed ! , Developing Day by Day , great atmosphere with all kinds of facilities. Would always be glad to be back as it holds dearest memories
  • 1
College is the best time in my life.It inspired me to think differently and creates positive, hopeful atmosphere.
  • 1
iam happy being apart of this college ilove this college .because iam studing here i enjoyed
  • 1
It is my college and it is famous for aeronautical department where in we have big campus with good infrastrcture..
  • 1
A college is a place where people not only get educated but grow in every perspective and my college is one of the places where i get it
  • 1
It comes on my EAMCET Rank wise, so that is why I am going to College
  • 1
#IARE- The place which i miss a lot after of the best place which leave me with lot of memories...#Missing #collegelyf #Friends #bunks #sports...
  • 1
" Home After My Home "
Love to Spend With My Friends .
We Make Fun .
Learn So Much .......!! ^_^
  • 1
I'am very previlized to join in this institution.IARE recognizes student talents and helps students to improve it.
  • 1
  • 1
One of my best places where i hav had good memories,fun,crazy m o m e n t s......
  • 1
its is one of the best place in the city where we can learn,enjoy
  • 1
best place to learn MANY THINGS.. fun education new talents innovations and many more here!!!!!!!!!!
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  • 1
"What Did You Innovate ?? :P"
the best institute where the students can mould them into good engineers,scientists and researchers
  • 1
Lucky to be here! It is a place which helps in bringing out your hidden talents thus making you a better person
  • 1
its where you get to know what you are and change to a different level !
  • 1
a well established for the upcoming engineers..better teaching,wel designed labs especially for cse nd it departments
  • 1
perfect place ,,!! so far for , all aero engg aspirants !!! , frndds ## masti && study !! all things together !!
## "happiness .- satisfaction" ##--
  • 1
becoz i love this, this is very good college for faculty and well as for students.
  • 1
institute of aeronautical eng collg jjjjjjjjjjj jjjjjjjjjjjjjj beab m,.lllal a a a a a a a a
  • 1
i love this place because this is temple in which i am going to gain a lot of knowledge and we have gud faculty and gud friends to share any thing with them....!
  • 1
Iam loving to be here.....! Because we have gud faculty and gud friends to share any thing with them....!
  • 1
the reason i love this place is i learns and got a lot from this place
  • 1
i love this place because it's goiing to be my home four years of my engineering life.!!
  • 1
The Charminar is as much the signature of Hyderabad as the Taj Mahal is of Agra or the Eiffel Tower is of Paris. Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah, the founder of Hyderabad, built Charminar in 1591
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This is the place where i enjoy a lot,learn a lot and unforgettable place of my life
  • 1
Iare is a good place to learn and explore our knwoledge with faculty. Much practical knowledge
Institute of Aeronautical engineering is the best college with well built infrastructure ,labs, excellent teaching.
"It is super college of best equipment. It is good college.vishnu is best i have ever visited."
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I have visited this place yesterday for an interview of Indian Navy.It was a good experience.
this is the where im studying the btech with a very good graduation thank you
its my clg
coz i study here
n luv this place
its in village kk
iare is a fantastic place where one can learn not only technical stuff but also the life skills which will be helpfull to lead their lives."
Because of infrastructure,experienced faculty team and concern about students.sports,education system,seminars,technical events.
As i am a student i'm telling Its very good college with excellent teaching faculty.
This is my college. It came a long way from the time we studied here.
this is my collge so i went to that place
my college is top 17th college
It is my college.It helps to me to improve my communication skills and English skills and feels comfort.
I love that place because i completed my professional degree from there...I got good faculties and friends who played an important role in completing my course successfully
Because it is where i studied my btech (aero),i really got good experiences here, i met with so many great personalities that
i have been inspired with.
My college is an amazing place with well equipped labs and efficient faculty. It is a fantastic place to study with a big campus"
it is the place which taught me the meaning of life . and where i got the most important people in ma life . the place where i have spent 3yrz continuosly . im soo attached to it . "
It's a place where u find a lot of dust.But i comfortably like to live in
This place gave me the foundation for life & also has many loving and caring friends for lifetime !!!
In love with my Campus & my Branch EEE :)
Many Thanks to all my IARE faculty that they helped me to have a new path for my study career.. :)
Signed off as 11951A0235 (Reena Shaily), EEE-2011-2015.
& Signed in as a Student In NIT ROURKELA, Odisa.
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