Birla Mandir

21-7-588, Kakarwadi, Gasi Bazar, Kala Pahad, In The Lane Opp Kamat Hotel, Adarshnagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500063 - India
  • Tel: +91-40-2323-5380, 40-2323-3259
I find peace and happiness when I am at Birla Mandir. I used to visit this place at least once in a month.
this place is very peaceful to mind,i love load balaji he is very powreful god!
this is the place where i feel like peace is gathered all around where my soul sets free from various chores of day to day life and get me remembered all my childhood days when i use to visit along with my parents and sisters.
"amazing temple built entirely of marble , and a wonderful location from where u can see the entire city
A beautiful Hindu temple made of marble, dedicated to lord Venketeswara ,built by renowned Birla family.
its the temple of lord venkateshwara, we have a clear view of the city from top
great architecture on a hill.. with complete white stone.... Birla Mandir is located at the south end of Hussain Sagar in Hyderabad. It stands atop the Kala Pahad, the twin hillock of the Naubat Pahad.

The Birlas (industrialists) constructed this temple in 1976 using about 2000 tons of pure white marbles brought from Rajasthan. The temple manifests a blend of South Indian, Rajasthani and Utkala temple (northern and eastern Orissa or Odisha) architectures.
This is an unique place and if you like visiting temples I would recommend this place for sure. Very good place if you need the peace and quite....
Last time i have vidited this place and i really enjoyed , it was an awesome place where i feel alot of peace...!!
i love this , bcoz its my luckiest gods place,, njoyd a lot with ny friends.... many awsome moments wid my friendz
this is awsome place to visit in hyderabad at night to enjoy with friends & relatives !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lord Balaji is pretty powerful. I extend my support to this temple by visiting it quite often myself and along with my relatives.
what a beautiful temple Birla family built it for us all. Just amazing. I salute to the person who dreamt this big.
I visited this temple couple of times. For youngsters it is easy to climb, whereas for elderly the entrance ramp is too steep.
i visit the temple on sundays. i get to see this place quite often since my house is closeby.
I went to birla mandir with my family,nice marble temple for lord balaji,good palce to get some peace of mind.
I visited this temple with my family. I sincerely pray that such temples exist in other cities too, and everyone enjoy visiting them.
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"If we feel devotional enjoyment you will find a different face of this temple Surya"
Its a beautiful place for peace of mind, A must visit place when you visit Hyderabad, the view from the top is great Suggested time to visit is "late evening".
Reasonably priced... this store stalks some of the latest designs that a woman look forward for. I recommend this to every girl.
The Temple has Venkateshwara, Lakshmi and Saibaba, Birla temples are open to all, as identified by Mahatma Gandhi and other Hindu leaders, This temple is one of the most important religious place in Hyderabad
A beautiful and very peaceful place to visit located at the hill top.. A part from impressive architecture, it is very clean and well-maintained.
I agree with Sastry. It definitely has one of the biggest open terrace space on top. Cool breeze keeps coming through out the day. At the main temple exit pujaris distribute delicious laddu as prasadam. That reminds of of Tirupathi laddu.
Apart from the famous Balaji temple at Adarshnagar, what I more like about is its big open lounge on the top floor. More than half of the city can be viewed from here... really beautiful.
One of the authentic structures built as per the scriptures of our vedas by Tatas. our hyderabad's great balaji temple. undoubtedly the best temple with great ambiance for people with spiritual bent of mind and devotion.
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Its a well constructed temple with a great view of the city,a pleasant place to be with friends.
I have loads of memories with this place..this is one of those places where i can go and spend time with myself with peace.
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A well-constructed and well-maintained temple (it's made almost entirely of white marble). A great place to be at with friends when there aren't large crowds (weekends are usually crowded). I have some nice memories of college days here!
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