Birla Mandir

21-7-588, Kakarwadi, Gasi Bazar, Kala Pahad, In The Lane Opp Kamat Hotel, Adarshnagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500063 - India
  • Tel: +91-40-2323-5380, 40-2323-3259
i love that temple and that place its a beautiful and peaceful place i want to visit lord balaji there.
It is very nice place to see and then nice location to play and it is lord
its like a multi of the best pleasant place in Hyderabad it is a residence for all the gods and goddesses.many peoples are visiting to the place.i like temple very much.
Mainly it is a Lord Venkateswara Temple, i love this place very much. when we entered into temple, it feels like a much peace and happiness. We can feel good when we spent our time over there. Really, it is a good place which i like most in Hyderabad.
This is the place where a person can feel peace n it is the higher place in that area which make people to see the other places around it like hussansgar, birla planitorium etc,.
Birla temple is an amazing place because i feel good when i visit this place.
It was nice place to see. I think every one will like this place..thanks
i love this place because, i feel very nice by watching all the view of whole egde n i mostly try to visit there
Birla Mandir combines the architectural styles of Orissan and South Indian temples. A Rajagopuram built in the South Indian style greets the visitors. The tower over the main shrine of Lord Venkateswara called the 'Jagadananda Vimanam' is built in the Orissan style, while the towers over the shrines of the consorts are built in the South Indian style. Exotic scenes from the great epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata are finely sculpted in marble. In the inner shrine of the temple is a replica of the Venkateswara temple at Tirupati. The brass flagstaff rises to a height of 42 feet.
I love visiting Birla Mandir,temple of Lord Venkateshwara.It provides a significant view of Hussain Sagar especially during night when it is illuminated.The view of twin cities Hyderabad and Secunderabad from the top of the temple is very beautiful.It is a peaceful place to visit.
I love this place a lot because the place is very pleasant and our mind will be very cool ,the architecture design was very good that we can understand the meaning of that design.
I love this place as it is pleasant place where we can forgot all our problems and our mind will be pleasant .
It is a very coolest place and it is built on a hilly area. The temple is especially beautiful when lit at night. No photography is allowed inside
i like lord venkateshwara . it is a one of the tourist place. when we see from this we can see max part of hyderabad
I like that place because it is very beautiful, it was build with marble stone.
it is a god temple ,i feel so relax and blessed when ever i visit.
the place is so pleasant n peacefull
the view over there is so beautiful n could see the entire city
peaceful place which i love the most with all the calmness around the temple and the cool air that passes behind us.
i like this place because, i feel peace and happy, spending time over their. It gives me a peace of mind and grace of god.
peaceful place to meditate there and it refers to the different hindu temple believed by many people.
This is a peaceful and beautiful temple.I like to visit it again and again. A wonderful temple. You can see Budha statue, tank band and most of city from Birla Mandir.
this temple is very beautifiull and look like soo beautifull and also god is lord venkateswara swami is available in this temple and its soo beautifull
Lord venkateshwara temple The over all city will locate from there one of the beautifull place as like tourism and most visible place in hyderabad
this temple is very beautifiull and look like soo beautifull and also god is lord venkateswara swami is available in this temple and its soo beautifull
most of the people love this place and it is the pleasant place & cool environment in it's surroundings.
this place is looking very beatifull and we can see the total hyderabad,this was awsome one in hyderabad
It is at hilly area at the center of the city.If we can't see the city we can see from the birla mandir well.
it is an elegant and peaceful place. it is good to see the rituals performed to the god there and also it's a great tourist spot.
Place where I will have peace and where I go to get relieved from all the tensions. I love balaji.. I love Birla Temple.. _/\_
Being in villa Marie has given me a wonderful experience and I learnt a lot here I will always be thankful to the faculty here
It is awesome at night times .Beautiful white marble temple mesmerizes the onlookers and you can watch rest of the city from the top
bcoz i can find peace & silence there.... away from mobiles & traffic feels quite good for me..
Being a part of francis gives us immense satisfaction because the college is known for its faculty and teaching.!
It's d best institution in Hyderabad and d way the lecturers teach us is amazing nt nly academic wise bt co-curricular activities are also given importance
it is a very nice place in hyderabad. from here we can whole the city of hyderabad
Birla mandir is one of the famous visit place in hyderabad.It is place of god balaji most of devotees visit here and pray the god
A peaceful temple, a divine place. The temple is completely made up of marble. Visiting here in the evening gives you pleasant view.
I Love this place becoz it is one of the peaceful place & best marble construction
Beautiful one of the peaceful spots in Hyderabad and can see Hussainsagar from there clearly
the most power ful god is simply superb.....i love this bat cat door
good torist place in hyderabad and the temple was build with white marble. the temple looks completely white like god.
I love this place as it is very peaceful also it is the place which made my best friend happy & joy
Its my one of the favorite place in hyd. It looks peace & cool. lord Balaji is very powerful here & mind gets relaxed.
lord venkateswara swamy my favourate god peaceful mind on our place nd beautiful location on their temple
Once inside the temple area its tranquil all around. A good vantage point to view the city. At that height its cool and airy out there
Nice place to visit , very pleasant nice city view we can have , very devotional ,Balaji Temple
the temple is awesome and city view is also awesome from the temple must go and see...
it is a peaceful place. Birla Mandir is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara, but there are two other deities in the temple Padmavati and Andal. The beautiful structure is built from white marble, which was brought all the way from the state of Rajasthan. The architecture of the temple is its highlight, as it is a synthesis of South Indian and Oriya architectural styles. The Rajagopuram of the temple is built using the South Indian style of architecture, while the tower over the main shrine is built using the Oriya style of architecture. The temple has some spectacular sculptures depicting scenes from the Hindu epics, Mahabharat and Ramayana.
Temple structure is quite beautiful and well built which represents the fine art of old architects
It is very good to see the place.It is the temple of lord venkateshwara ,to visit and i have got very nice darshan to see lord venkatshwara....all the people should visit the place and will enjoy there.
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